Environmental protection vest bag manufacturers share with you the precautions for using vest plastic bags

company-news | Time:2022-01-03

T-shirt bag is a common plastic bag on the market, and it is also called vest bag. Its shape is like a waistcoat and a vest, so it has such a name. The production of environmentally friendly vest bags is relatively simple, but their uses are very wide. Therefore, they are widely used in the market and are a daily necessities necessary for people’s lives. In addition, the price of such plastic bags is cheap, so many people will not reuse them, causing certain plastic bag pollution problems.

Eight years ago, plastic vest bags could be seen almost everywhere, both thin and thick ones. However, because the application of this kind of t-shirt bag is too extensive, and even abused, in order to limit the increase of related plastic pollution, a plastic restriction order has been promulgated. The plastic restriction order began in 2008, banning the production of plastic t-shirt bags with less than 2.5 filaments, that is to say, the thickness of t-shirt bags cannot be less than 0.025mm. Slowly, the use of such plastic bags by vendors in the market gradually decreased, and some very thin and very small vest bags were no longer visible.

Nowadays, it is common for people to use plastic bags to hold hot tofu noodles, hot soy milk, wontons, etc. Some vendors put the freshly cooked fried dough sticks and oil cakes into plastic bags for easy carrying. There are also many early stalls, where plastic film bags are placed on the dishes to hold hot food. Food suppliers are willing to do this because it saves the trouble of cleaning dishes. Many consumers also believe that it is hygienic and will not spread bacteria through the dishes. However, many plastic film bags eaten by food stalls are products produced by informal manufacturers with low price and low quality. This type of plastic film may contain more harmful ingredients.

Even the plastic film bags for the vest bags produced by the regular vest bag manufacturers will contain trace amounts of harmful ingredients. Long-term storage of liquid and high-temperature food will promote the dissolution of such harmful ingredients. Therefore, in daily life, you should avoid using plastic film bags to store hot and hot food for a long time.

Avoid retorting and heating plastic-packaged food in vest bags. Although some manufacturers indicate on the packaging, some soft-packaged foods can be cooked and heated together with the packaging. However, removing the packaging and heating the food directly in a pot or in a porcelain or glass container is an added method. Even if there is no condition to remove the package to heat the food, the packaged food cannot be heated directly in the pot, but steamed with water in a cage should be used. Because the temperature of the packaging bag directly in contact with the pot will be very high, even more than 100 degrees, which makes the plastic easy to decompose and release many harmful components.

Do not heat food such as milk, beverages, etc. in ordinary t-shirt bags directly. Even plastic bags that can be used for high-temperature heating, including some composite plastic packaging bags, the additives, adhesives, and dyes contained in the raw materials are likely to overflow at high temperatures.


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