The benefits and magical uses of environmentally friendly plastic bags in use

company-news | Time:2022-01-01

There are many plastic bags on the market, and there are many kinds of environmentally friendly plastic bags. So what are the benefits and magical effects of environmentally friendly plastic bags?

1. The water-dissolving speed can be designed and selected, completely dissolved in water, non-toxic and non-polluting.
2. Strong stretch and good tension.
3. High transparency and good gloss.
4. High softness and good touch.
5. Good oil and solvent resistance, heat-sealable and printable.
6. Low air permeability and good gas barrier properties.
7. Plastic snap button or self-adhesive plastic bag can be added.
8. Excellent antistatic performance, no dust absorption, etc.
9. It can be degraded by water, air, sunlight and biology. Usually within a month, it can be decomposed into harmless substances.
Understand the magical use of plastic bags
1. Clean and hard-to-wash white vest
The white vest can’t be washed clean after wearing it for a long time. You can wash the white vest to be washed first with clean water, and then gently rub it with soap or washing powder. After washing, apply soap or detergent and rub it gently. Put it in a plastic bag, tie it up, and expose it to the sun for 1 hour. Then take it out and scrub it to make it as white as ever.
2. Prevent clothes from getting wrinkled
When folding clothes, fold the plastic bag in the clothes, and separate the clothes from the clothes with plastic bags. In this way, when there is some squeezing, the plastic will buffer a part of the pressure, and it can also slow down the friction between the clothes. Generally, it is not easy to wrinkle.



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